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Holobiont: What Obstetricians Aren’t Trained To Care About

A revolutionary new concept — that the bacteria in our bodies is essential to our health — is only just filtering down into modern day obstetrics. The health of our next generation depends on it.

In the conventional model of pregnancy and birth, a woman continues with life as usual until she gets pregnant, navigates a perilous 9.5 months rife with fear-inducing tests, and hypermedicalization of the process of gestation, and then deposits a baby, no matter what method, into the hands of a pediatrician who sees that baby as a receptacle for pharmaceutical products aimed at correcting physiologic mistakes and deficiencies.

As Maya Angelou says, “We did then, what we knew how to do. Now that we know better, we do better.”

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Mode and place of delivery, gastrointestinal microbiota, and their influence on asthma and atopy.

PMID:  J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2011 Nov ;128(5):948-55.e1-3. Epub 2011 Aug 27. PMID: 21872915 Abstract Title:  Mode and place of delivery, gastrointestinal microbiota, and their influence on asthma and atopy. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Both gastrointestinal microbiota composition and cesarean section have been linked to atopic manifestations. However, results are inconsistent, and the hypothesized intermediate role of the microbiota in the association between birth mode and atopic manifestations has not been studied yet.OBJECTIVES: We sought to investigate the relationship between microbiota composition, mode and place of delivery, and atopic manifestations.METHODS: The Child, Parent and Health: Lifestyle and Genetic Constitution Birth Cohort Study included data on birth characteristics, lifestyle factors, and atopic manifestations collected through repeated questionnaires from birth until age 7 years. Fecal samples were collected at age 1 month (n = 1176) to determine microbiota composition, and blood samples were collected at ages 1 (n = 921), 2 (n = 822), and 6 to 7 (n = 384) years to determine specific IgE levels.RESULTS: Colonization by Clostridium difficile at age 1 month was associated with wheeze and eczema throughout the first 6 to 7 years of life and with asthma at age 6 to 7 years. Vaginal home delivery compared with vaginal hospital delivery was associated with a decreased risk of eczema, sensitization to food allergens, and asthma. After stratification for parental history of atopy, the decreased risk of sensitization to food allergens (adjusted odds ratio, 0.52; 95% CI, 0.35-0.77) and asthma (adjusted odds ratio, 0.47; 95% CI, 0.29-0.77) among vaginally home-born infants was only found for children with atopic parents. Mediation analysis showed that the effects of mode and place of delivery on atopic outcomes were mediated by C difficile colonization.CONCLUSION: Mode and place of delivery affect the gastrointestinal microbiota composition, which subsequently influences the risk of atopic manifestations. http://j.mp/1uShUVc

Stool microbiota and vaccine responses of infants.

PMID:  Pediatrics. 2014 Aug ;134(2):e362-72. Epub 2014 Jul 7. PMID: 25002669 Abstract Title:  Stool microbiota and vaccine responses of infants. Abstract:  OBJECTIVE: Oral vaccine efficacy is low in less-developed countries, perhaps due to intestinal dysbiosis. This study determined if stool microbiota composition predicted infant oral and parenteral vaccine responses.METHODS: The stool microbiota of 48 Bangladeshi infants was characterized at 6, 11, and 15 weeks of age by amplification and sequencing of the 16S ribosomal RNA gene V4 region and by Bifidobacterium-specific, quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Responses to oral polio virus (OPV), bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG), tetanus toxoid (TT), and hepatitis B virus vaccines were measured at 15 weeks by using vaccine-specific T-cell proliferation for all vaccines, the delayed-type hypersensitivity skin-test response for BCG, and immunoglobulin G responses using the antibody in lymphocyte supernatant methodfor OPV, TT, and hepatitis B virus. Thymic index (TI) was measured by ultrasound.RESULTS: Actinobacteria (predominantly Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis) dominated the stool microbiota, with Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes increasing by 15 weeks. Actinobacteria abundance was positively associated with T-cell responses to BCG, OPV, and TT; with the delayed-type hypersensitivity response; with immunoglobulin G responses; and with TI. B longum subspecies infantis correlated positively with TI and several vaccine responses. Bacterial diversity and abundance of Enterobacteriales, Pseudomonadales, and Clostridiales were associated with neutrophilia and lower vaccine responses.CONCLUSIONS: Bifidobacterium predominance may enhance thymic development and responses to both oral and parenteral vaccines early in infancy, whereas deviation from this pattern, resulting in greater bacterial diversity, may cause systemic inflammation (neutrophilia) and lower vaccine responses. Vaccine responsiveness may be improved by promoting intestinal bifidobacteria and minimizing dysbiosis early in infancy. http://j.mp/1qmGXtc

Immune-related microRNAs are abundant in breast milk exosomes.

PMID:  Int J Biol Sci. 2012 ;8(1):118-23. Epub 2011 Nov 29. PMID: 22211110 Abstract Title:  Immune-related microRNAs are abundant in breast milk exosomes. Abstract:  Breast milk is a complex liquid rich in immunological components that affect the development of the infant’s immune system. Exosomes are membranous vesicles of endocytic origin that are found in various body fluids and that can mediate intercellular communication. MicroRNAs (miRNAs), a well-defined group of non-coding small RNAs, are packaged inside exosomes in human breast milk. Here, we identified 602 unique miRNAs originating from 452 miRNA precursors (pre-miRNAs) in human breast milk exosomes using deep sequencing technology. We found that, out of 87 well-characterized immune-related pre-miRNAs, 59 (67.82%) are presented and enriched in breast milk exosomes (P http://j.mp/1qmGV4r

Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada And Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children

It’s being considered a severe respiratory virus known as EV-D68. It hits hard and fast and has already created an outbreak in Colorado, Missouri, Utah, Kansas, Illinois, Ohio, and four more states in the Midwest. It has also crossed over the Canada with confirmed cases in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, ironically a common theme has been discovered in those who have been infected…they have all been vaccinated. http://j.mp/1uRNItm

Can You Fathom A World Without Money And Without Disease?

In many ways we’ve already selected monetary systems for termination. Money itself is not the root of all evil, however humans have bound money so tightly to contracts that it can no longer be used to benefit us in its current form and with the mindset to transcend all that it represents. Humanity has realized this and it’s only a matter of time before our monetary structures evolve to something else. That something will benefit all the struggles we currently face on our planet, including poverty, disease, oppression, greed and so much more. http://j.mp/1uRvOXv

คลอดบุตรตามธรรมชาติในประเทศไทย – Natural Childbirth in Thailand

สุริวิภา – ฟีโอนา ธาริณี เกรแฮม 20Apr12 Posted by Erwin Alber on 22 September 2014 

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Vaccines used as a vehicle for sterilisation agents to make children infertile

TO ENSURE INFERTILITY IN YOUR CHILDREN, MAKE SURE THEY RECEIVE VACCINATIONS When your government is mandating vaccines that are specifically made to cause infertility (i.e., FORCED STERILIZATION), parents have basically three choices: 1. Leave the country 2. Stop having children 3. Run for the hills and hide somewhere where you can give birth to your …

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Vaccinations creating huge legacy of illness, says doctor

Jabs creating huge legacy of illness, says doctor The key speaker at a Hamilton health seminar has stepped into the row over whether jabs for children are a blessing or a bane. Dr. Mike Godfrey, keynote speaker at Sunday’s Holistic Health Seminar, at the International Hotel Glenview, says vaccinations are creating a new human species …

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Naturopathic Doctor Uses Nutrition To Cure 8-Year Old of Cancer After Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Failed

After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, an eight year old was still fighting for her life with subsequent brain tumors and given weeks to live. Her parents frantic search for alternatives led them to a naturopathic doctor who cured her with nutrition. http://j.mp/1sOX58v